Broken Boxes - Interview With Lauren Higgens (EP#37)

Global organizer Lauren Higgins is a creative producer, artist, and strategist committed to innovative design and change serving 100% of humanity. Lauren ignites experience, pioneering new ways of working in organizations and enterprises that help both teams and leaders respond to the challenges and opportunities of the sustainability era.

Lauren Higgins is known for her interdisciplinary work in organizational development and design, event production and curation, economic innovation, and her focus in collaborative governance, and learning in organizations and society. Her passion lies at the intersection between creativity, collaboration and strategy, inspiring her to develop large-scale visions into meaningful projects.

She works as Experience Lead as part of the Impact Hub Global Team, and orchestrates large, network-wide projects relating to learning, innovation exchange and global events that empower the 72+ Impact Hub teams worldwide to better support the entrepreneurs and change-makers in their local cities. As an artist and organizer she has also co-created many festivals and curated many innovative events, including the Communikey Festival and Catapulta Festival.

Music featured on this episode by ZZK Records