Red Man Laughing - The Dr. Elizabeth LaPensée Interview

Photo courtesy of  Red Works Studio.

Photo courtesy of Red Works Studio.

In this episode of Red Man Laughing we talk to Dr. Elizabeth LaPensée about her research, work & commitment to gaming, storytelling & art. We dig deep into her thoughts around community and her practice and why Indigenous Futurisms may hold the key to health & well being in a connected world.

Ryan and Dr. LaPensée talk about the challenges of working in the "traditional gaming space" and why/how independent gaming is such an important tool for Indigenous creators. 

This episode is all about looking backword to look forward and it's a can't miss episode of Red Man Laughing.


A still taken from The Path Without End, 2011. Watch the video at

Thunderbird Circles | 2014


Elizabeth LaPensée, Ph.D. is an Anishinaabe, Métis, and Irish designer, writer, and researcher whose focus is Indigenous game development. Her design, writing, and art are informed by cultural values and teachings. She also expresses herself through comics, experimental animation, and other interactive media.

She believes strongly in the value of games in passing on teachings and the importance of collaborating with Indigenous community members during the development process. She is passionate about designing and contributing to Indigenous games in many forms.