Think Indigenous EP#3 - Terry Brockie

"We learn through our languages that we see & experience the world just a little bit differently. We have words for things they don't. They have words for things we don't. It's funny, we try to be the same, yet, we're far from it - our languages tell us so." Terry Brockie

In this episode of the Think Indigenous Podcast we hear an incredible presentation on the importance of Native languages in the classroom from the Superintendent of Schools in Blaine, MT, Terry Brockie (Fort Belknap Indian Reservation). Terry is the FIRST ever Native American school county superintendent in the state of Montana and has dedicated his educational journey to language retention, preservation and reclamation.

Terry shares his thoughts on the responsibility of language speakers, what it takes to make the space for Youth and community to learn languages and what he thinks about the collision between mainstream and Indian Education in terms of how each can learn from each other.

Terry Brockie Bio

Terry Brockie, Superintendent of Schools for Blaine County, Montana, USA.  Is a proud member of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation .  He is a trained teacher and strong advocate for Native American language, culture and tradition in relation to Native American schools.