Red Man Laughing - The 4Rs Youth Leading Reconciliation Panel

In this episode of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we take you to the Shingwauk Residential School Conference at Algoma University in Baawaating Traditional territory (Sault Ste. Marie, ON) for the 4Rs Youth Movement panel on Youth Leading Reconciliation. 

The 4Rs Youth Movement

The 4Rs Youth Movement is a revolutionary undertaking that was conceived as a collaboration of five national youth-serving organizations, five national Aboriginal organizations and four national charitable foundations in Canada. These Fourteen organizations came together over the course of 2012 - 2015 with a common vision of bringing together young leaders from across their organizations to deepen their mutual understanding of each other’s values, beliefs and aspirations. 

Our mission is to change the country by changing the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous youth. As young leaders we have committed to work together through dialogue and learning to bridge the gap in understanding about the history of Canada’s founding peoples, inspire Canada’s young people with a new vision for future generations and engage Canadians in changing the course of their own history. 

Beginning here our vision takes shape: Through strength in our identity and unity in our diversity, together we will recreate a country were indigenous and non indigenous youth can all live, thrive and celebrate.

The name of the group, 4Rs ≈ For Ours, reflects our shared values as young leaders and those of our adult allies. We come from diverse indigenous and non-indigenous backgrounds, communities and walks of life. Four key principles emerge from among these values and stand as the cornerstones of our movement, giving rise to our name:


It is through 4Rs youth-to-youth dialogue and learning that we will deepen understanding of our common heritage, challenge prevailing views of the contribution and potential of both indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians, and forge a new path forward together. 

Our Partners:
The Assembly of First Nations
Big Brothers and Big Sisters Canada
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
Community Foundations of Canada
The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
Inspirit Foundation
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
Métis Association of BC (on behalf of the Métis National Council)
The National Association of Friendship Centres
The Native Women’s Association of Canada
Pathways to Education Canada
YMCA Canada
YWCA Canada
The Counselling Foundation of Canada