Métis In Space (S.2 EP#10) - Wonderfalls "Totem Mole"

In the Season 2 FINALE of otipêyimsiw-iskwêwak kihci-kîsikohk, Métis in Space, Chelsea, Molly, and super special guest Sâkowêw Alda "Actual Newborn Baby" Diaz-Vowel review and swear a lot about Wonderfalls Season 1, Episode 12, “Totem Mole” where "Jaye, Mahandra, and Sharon visit a Native American reservation where Sharon sparks up an old college rivalry with a local catching Mahandra in the crossfire. Jaye, meanwhile, has a conversation with the deceased seer and tries to get the woman's accountant grandson to find his spiritual gift, despite the signs saying that Jaye is, in fact, the chosen one."


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