"I don’t want to ask you an f-ed up question," with Rinaldo Walcott

In this “snack” episode (a shorter episode released between full-length episodes) Rinaldo Walcott and Eve Tuck discuss the dilemmas of posing generous and productive questions between Black people and Indigenous people.  

Walcott reflects on the long practices within whiteness to frame questions in ways that replicate the brutalities of white imposition, and the implications of those frames on questions non-white communities can engage with each other.  

Walcott emphasizes the need for generosity, and to ask each other urgent questions in and beyond our usual frames.  

This Henceforward Snack is part of a longer interview between Walcott and Tuck on identity as an analytic category, that will appear as part of a special issue on ‘Late Identity’ published in Critical Ethnic Studies in Spring 2017.    

Rinaldo Walcott is Director of the Women and Gender Studies Institute, and Associate Professor in WGSI and the department of Social Justice Education, both at the University of Toronto. Eve Tuck is also an Associate Professor in the department of Social Justice Education.