Red Man Laughing - The Sugar Bush Family

In this episode of Red Man Laughing we take you to Fort William First Nation to visit a group of incredible Anishinaabeg that are dedicating their time, love & energy to a special stand of Maple trees on the side of Mount McKay near Thunder Bay, ON in the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation. 

This act of Anishinaabe resurgence is rebuilding family, community & Nationhood and it is happening without funding, government support and 100% independently. Reconciliation can mean a reconnection to the land & territory we've been forcibly removed from, it can be about how we reconnect to our families after being absent for some time and reconciliation can be most powerful when we connect it with land and space. 

A Special Thanks To:

  • The Sugar Bush Family (Damien Lee, Stephanie Maclaurin, Cher Chapman, Jake Mckay, Olivia Pelletier, Sarah Werner, Annemarie Demerah, Ryan Saarinen, Beau Boucher, and Helen Pelletier);
  • The Maple Babies (Daanis Pelletier, Chloe Baer, e-man);
  • Mike Bird (Lakehead University Student Union Radio Show Host);
  • Lakehead University Radio.