Red Man Laughing - Whose Education Is It, Anyway?

In this episode of Red Man Laughing we head to Fanshawe College in London, ON for a student roundtable on education & reconciliation. We hand the mics over to the students and we hear about the challenges & pressures of being an Indigenous student in 2016, we talk about reconciliation and how they are (or are not) experiencing it inside of their school and finally we talk about how education offers a better way forward.

A big thanks to Fraser, Dean, Brandon, Charlotte, Marshall, Elizabeth, Candace, Dan & Guy for sharing your time and your words with us!

A BIG THANKS to Fanshawe College's First Nation Centre for the invite to share time inside of this sharing circle, for hosting the workshop and for hosting the live show! 

A special thanks to the students that took the time to share their journey with us - there is so much for us to learn from all of you - keep fighting and keep going!