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RMGA EP#14 - Ridding The Country Of The Sir John A Macdonald Problem

In this episode of Ryan McMahon Gets Angry we get to hear Ryan McMahon wish Sir John A Macdonald, Canada's 1st Prime Minister, a very happy birthday (sorta). Ryan raises serious questions are raised about Sir JAM's legacy, his policies and wether it is fair to judge him by today's cultural standards and why giving him a free pass is so dangerous to the pathway forward in this country.

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RMGA EP#13 - Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, Pass The Moose Meat

In this episode of Ryan McMahon Gets Angry Ryan sets his sights on religion, Christmas, the ugly collision between Indigenous communities & the legacy of the Church. This might be the only podcast on the face of the planet where you'll hear: sweatlodges, Carl Sagan, X-Boxes, Dead Elvis Presley farts, colonialism & Ghandi talked about. Buckle in, this is the episode of the podcast that Ryan just about never made.

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RMGA EP#12 - Hail F*cking Mary I'm Falling Out Of The Sky

In this episode of the Ryan McMahon Gets Angry Podcast Ryan shares the story to the recent (near death) experience of being on a flight to Yellowknife that had to make an unscheduled emergency landing in Edmonton. The argument here is that you don't really know yourself until you're faced with the end of life - at which time - you might be surprised by what you find.

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