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Stories From The Land - Kandice Baptiste

In this episode of Stories From The Land we learn a valuable lesson from Kandice Baptiste about being a visitor in another territory, the troubles of renting vehicles in the North AND the importance of respecting the land, the seasons and the challenges they often present in tandem!

This is a hilarious story of a challenging trip to the North, the good people you'll meet along the way and reflections of being an "Urban Indian."

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Stories From The Land - Nicholas Galanin (Silver Jackson)

In this episode of Stories From The Land we hear an incredible story of survival and rebirth from Tlingit/Aleut artist Nicholas Galanin. Raised closely to the land and tied intricately to it through his dynamic, boundary pushing and revolutionary multi-medium art practice, this is a story of reconcilliation with the land when the land nearly takes life away from us. This is a poweful story of survival and the endless limitations of the human spirit.

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Stories From The Land - Hayden King on Indigenous Laws on the Land

In this episode of Stories From The Land Hayden King tells a gripping story about what Indigenous Law theories & principles apply to those that choose to take to the land to hunt animals. What happens when we break our laws & understanding on the land? What is the penalty we pay as Anishinaabe Peoples when we break these laws? How do we make peace with ourselves, the land, the animals and the waters when we break the laws & Treaties we've made since time immemorial?

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Stories From The Land - Chelsea Vowel

In this episode of Stories From The Land we are blessed with a story from Chelsea Vowel, a Metis woman from Lac St. Anne, AB. In this story Chelsea shares the story of a her families war on a family of skunks during one of the coldest winters in memory. Sometimes we have to venture out on the land to learn about ourselves, but sometimes the land comes to us to teach us about ourselves.

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Stories From The Land - Ryan McMahon

In this episode of the Stories From The Land Podcast we hear the retelling of a morning moose hunt by comedian Ryan McMahon. This story investigates the politics of Status/Non Status hunting & fishing rights and the way that can and does play itself inside of a family dynamic. A deeply personal story, McMahon weaves tales of childhood memories and the bitter politics that follow.

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