Stories From The Land - The Dechinta Land & Medicine Stories Collection

The Dechinta Land & Medicine Stories podcast mini-series was recorded over a 3 day workshop period at Blatchford Lake in Chief Drygeese Territory at Dechinta Bush University in June 2015.

Students at Dechinta were asked to write, record, edit & produce an original story using the "Stories From The Land" guidelines to help inspire their creative direction. During 3, 4 hour sessions, the students were able to create personal narratives, design sound & create the audio story in their own unique way - no 2 stories in this series are the same.

The Dechinta Land & Medicine Stories is a special partnership between Dechinta Bush University, Indian & Cowboy & the Red Man Laughing Podcast.


“Wake up, wake up. They’re destroying us. It’s time to gather the shattered pieces...”
— Joanne

It was a sound that sounded like thunder. I ran to the window and I couldn’t believe what I saw.
— Crystal

I don’t use chemicals. I do it the old way. Like the old people used to.
— Melaw

It was summer & I was with my uncle and cousins. It was a perfect day on Great Slave Lake.
— Crystal

I told him I saw an alien. He just said “cool” and went back to sleep.
— Pete

We looked at each other and couldn’t believe we were seeing what we were seeing when we were seeing it. We didn’t say a word.
— Jonathan

There was no one there but there was someone there. Like we were being watched or followed. Something or someone was there but the canoe was empty.
— Zander