Red Man Laughing - The Mob Bounce Interview

In this episode of the Red Man Laughing Podcast we sit down for a featured chat with Mob Bounce - The Northwest Kid (Craig Frank Edes) and Heebz the Earthchild (Travis Hebert) and we're treated to brand new unreleased music that is forthcoming on their upcoming album, Mob Medicine.

This hip hop duo came together a few years ago and have turned heads with their own brand of "alterNative Hip Hop" (you won't find many club bangers on their albums) and forward looking, conscious & battle ready lyricism and wit. Their music challenges stereotypes, misogyny, patriarchy, colonization & even decolonization - Mob Bounce puts everything on the table for discussion in their lyrics and their music is a breath of fresh air.

Episode Track Listing

1. Unreleased Verse - Northwest Kid

2. Oral Tradition

3. Welcome To The Struggle

4. Accappella - Heebs & Northwest Kid