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The Henceforward: Episode #5 - Back To The Henceforward

In this episode, Faith Juma and Hunter Knight take you on a journey to the future! And also the past. And also the present. All of them are part of the future because of our nifty TTCdelorean, a time-space compression device that formerly happened to be a subway car in Toronto. Featuring special guests Rebecca Beaulne-Steubing, Shequita Thompson, and Mitch Case. 

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Red Man Laughing - The Dr. Elizabeth LaPensée Interview

In this episode of Red Man Laughing we talk to Dr. Elizabeth LaPensée about her research, work & commitment to gaming, storytelling & art. We dig deep into her thoughts around community and her practice and why Indigenous Futurisms may hold the key to health & well being in a connected world.


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