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Knives & Wildrice EP#11 - We Ain't Got No Autotune

In this episode of Knives & Wildrice Nick is joined by the Executive Producer of the Knives & Wildrice Album, Ryan McDonald (Lionheart Studios). Nick & Ryan discuss how they plan to explore the songs on the new album, Nick's connection or disconnection to Jimmy Hendrix and whether Ryan plans to autotune Nick's voice at all.

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Knives & Wildrice EP#3 - Duct Tape Guitar Straps

In this episode Nick takes us on the road with him as he journey's out on a 10 day tour. He receives a bit of good news from a friend that might want to help him out with the production of the new album and the ball starts rolling towards the creation of Knives & Wildrice. Many questions still remain - funding the project, who'll work on it, who'll produce it and will Nick record the album with a duct tape guitar strap?

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Knives & Wildrice EP#2 - I Don't Know What's Happening, But It Is

In this episode of Knives & Wildrice we hear Nick's perspective on starting over and we hear about some of the fears and concerns he has around being in this spot. Nick talks about the frustration, slight embarrassment & the struggle of having the rug pulled out from under him in terms of not getting the funding for his next project.

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