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INDIAN & COWBOY IN 2018/2019:

  • A Better Supported PODCAST Network – we have bolstered our team & found partners that care about audio, community and storytelling as much as we did when we first started the website.

  • New Podcasts Are Coming To The Network – we’re currently working with a handful of producers AND are bringing new podcasts to the network in 2018.

  • We Are Commissioning Work - we are going to be commissioning opinions, articles and columns from emerging writers in Indian Country. Our pitch process opens today. Talk to us.

  • We Are Transitioning To A Media Platform: the most exciting change, our premium platform will include original web series’ that are exclusive to our premium platform, pilots, exclusive live streams, videos, short audio/video documentary and more.

  • We Are Creating Space For Emerging Writers: our monthly newsletter is space we’re creating for emerging writers & shit disturbers. You can expect commentary and critique, pontifications and opinion – this isn’t your ordinary newsletter – this is a unique and dynamic new voice on Turtle Island that is NOT to be missed. JOIN TODAY!

  • We Are Bringing Our Platform To The People: we are knees deep in planning LIVE EVENT programming for 2019/2020. Indian & Cowboy is coming to your neck of the woods – join the newsletter to learn more.