Indian & Cowboy Media Network Launches With A Vow To Disrupt, Engage & Empowe

What do you do when you wake up on a daily basis and the news around you, the media, music, movies & the television you consume does not represent you & you can’t connect with it?

You make your own media.

Indian & Cowboy is an independent Indigenous media company that creates, produces & publishes Indigenous media projects across multiple platforms on the internet & broadcast media.

“Canadian History is a myth and a lie until Indigenous voices are heard. We must tell our own stories.” LEE MARACLE

We are taking our stories back. We are telling the world who we are. We will not allow a broken media system, a failed education system or deeply seeded systemic racism tell our Youth (and your Youth) that we are (insert stereotypes here).

We aim to Disrupt. Engage. Empower. We are guided by our ancestors, fueled by community & drive by the love of the land.

On the front page of our website you’ll read the titles or our shows and you’ll see the words: laughing, land, metis, space, angry, knives, wildrice & treaty, appear & sums us up perfectly.

All media inquiries can be made by emailing