The Makoons Media Group Announces Official Partnership Between Indian & Cowboy and Twitter Canada

The Makoons Media Group is proud to announce that Indian & Cowboy, the world’s only member supported Indigenous media platform, has entered into a news and media partnership with Twitter Canada effective Wednesday, June 21, 2017. The partnership allows Indian & Cowboy to access a suite of partner exclusive tools that broaden reach, scope, and engagement with our audiences. Social engagement is a key to nurturing and building the community around Indian & Cowboy and plans are already underway to strengthen the networks innovative delivery of the internet's best Indigenous content on the planet.

 “The partnership provides us a chance to do what we already do, but, better - advancing the discourse, understanding, and engagement of Indigenous storytelling through a variety of platform offerings now available on,” explains Indian & Cowboy Chief Creative Producer, Ryan McMahon.

This partnership announcement comes just 10 days before Indian & Cowboy's official platform relaunch (July 1st, 2017) that includes unveiling their premium content platform to their paid membership base. The relaunch plan includes:

  • In our THINK section, we are going to be commissioning opinions, articles, and columns from emerging writers in Indian Country; say hello to our Editor, Tara Williamson. Our pitch process opens today. Talk to us.

  • Our PREMIUM PLATFORM will include original web series’ that are exclusive to our premium platform, pilots, exclusive live streams, videos, short audio/video documentary and more.

  • Our NEWSLETTER is taking centre stage. Commentary and critique, pontifications and opinion – this isn’t your ordinary newsletter – this is a unique and dynamic new voice on Turtle Island that is NOT to be missed. JOIN TODAY!

  • We are planning LIVE EVENT programming this Fall. Indian & Cowboy is coming to your neck of the woods – join the newsletter to learn more.

All Indian & Cowboy podcasts will remain free on the network.