Podcast Playlist Pulls Back The Curtain on Indian & Cowboy

We wish our origin story was a bit sexier OR MORE GROUNDBREAKING AND RISKY or a bit more "Native," Like, an eagle dropPED a Zoom H4N, a microphone and a laptop out of the sky and saID, “Go forth, TELL STORIES ABOUT ME and podcast.” as cool as that is, THAT's NOT THE STORY.


The truth is, Indian & Cowboy was born out of frustration and out of necessity. Quickly that frustration and necessity turned into excitement and creativity and the rest is history.

We're honoured to have the space we do, we're aware of the responsibility we have in taking the space and we are stoked on our future as the world's ONLY member support Indigenous media network.

Our Chief Creative Producer, Ryan McMahon, had a chance to sit down with Podcast Playlist host, Lindsay Michael, to talk podcasting, Indian & Cowboy's efforts to support emerging Indigenous voices in media, representations, reconciliation & more.

Thanks to Lindsay Michael and her team at Podcast Playlist for their interest in the network! The journey continues.