The Future Of Indian and Cowboy

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Four years ago, on October 6th, 2014, this website launched. At the time, podcasting in Indian Country didn’t really exist, there were a few, but there was not a “scene.” We were committed to building community and creating an industry where there wasn’t one.

We were unfunded but committed. We were staff-less but driven. We had voices but had nowhere to use them.

We turned to the community and asked for support - we became the world’s first member supported, Indigenous podcast network. We talked a big game, but the Indigenous podcasting space was pretty lonely. There were a few small shows here and there - a few small shows at campus radio stations across Canada, a few independents. Generally and relatively speaking, the Indigenous podcast space was virtually non-existent.

Today there is a thriving Indigenous podcast scene, and we’re proud to be a leader in the space. Today, our shows are downloaded tens of thousands of times every month. Our podcasts have been recorded live across Canada, toured through Canada and the US, have been optioned for film & television projects AND a National comedy special on CBC Radio One!

Our stories, voices, histories are finally getting the attention they deserve - it’s about time.

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Our parent company, the Makoons Media Group, is working on our growth strategy as we make plans to expand into the US. We are preparing to take on our first investor to help us do our jobs better which will help scale this project.

In short, it’s an exciting time at Indian & Cowboy - and we’re just getting started!

Here’s where we’re going in 2019/2020!

We are a MEMBER SUPPORTED, independent platform and we need your help - you can help us build the movement for as little as $1/month.

INDIAN & COWBOY IN 2019/2020/2021:

  • A Better Supported PODCAST Network – we are strengthening our podcast team & we have found partners that care about audio, community and storytelling as much as we did when we first started the website.

  • New Podcasts Are Coming To The Network – we’re currently working with a handful of producers AND are bringing new podcasts to the network in 2019/2020.

  • We Are Commissioning Work - we are going to be commissioning opinions, articles and columns from emerging and established writers in Indian Country and beyond. Our pitch process opens January 1st, 2019. Talk to us.

  • We Are Creating Space For Emerging Writers: our monthly newsletter is space we’re creating for emerging writers & shit disturbers. You can expect commentary and critique, pontifications and opinion – this isn’t your ordinary newsletter – this is a unique and dynamic new voice on Turtle Island that is NOT to be missed. JOIN TODAY!

  • We Are Bringing Our Platform To The People: we are knees deep in planning LIVE EVENT programming for 2019/2020. Indian & Cowboy is coming to your neck of the woods – join the newsletter to learn more.

  • We Are Going Global - Seriously: we know, it sounds delusional, but it’s true. In 2019/2020 we are expanding into the US, all while building our partnerships with other Indigenous creators around the world. By 2021, we will be a global Indigenous media brand, with proprietary platforms, featuring world-class storytelling across multiple mediums including film, television and gaming.

  • We Are Transitioning To A Media Platform (eventually): the most exciting change, our premium platform will include original web series’ that are exclusive to our premium platform, pilots, private live streams, videos, short audio/video documentary and more. More on this throughout 2019.