Indian and Cowboy Supports Canadian Journalism Innovators

It is undeniable that we are firmly settled into a dark time for traditional news & news media. This past week over 1000 jobs were lost in the US with outlets like the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Gannet. We’ve watched pivots to video not work, we’ve seen failed iPad app experiments, and we’ve witnessed the greenscreen takeover of local news in Canada. To everyone’s credit, at least they tried.

The Atlantic gave a name to what’s been happening in the digital media/news space, they’ve coined it “a media apocalypse.” It’s hard not to agree. The word apocalypse is pretty dramatic, and its use here sounds like hyperbole, but it’s accurate. In the last few years, thousands upon thousands of journalists have lost their jobs in a time that we need truth tellers more than ever.

With the industry in such sharp decline and with so many shuttering their doors, why is Indian & Cowboy working harder than ever to scale, building from our a simple podcast network model into an online destination for Indigenous music, news, arts, culture, thought, and opinion writing?!

It’s simple - we are inspired by, and committed to, the community we serve.

This is why when we were approached to express support for the Canadian Journalism Innovators group we immediately said yes. Run by journalists for journalists, Canadian Journalism Innovators is a collaboration of media outlets focused on tackling three of the biggest challenges facing the industry: a lack of money, innovation and diversity.

We are inspired by our digital comrades and value their commitment to community and story. We’re humbled to walk side by side this group of passionate, driven, and innovative companies.

We are particularly grateful to the leadership by Erin Millar and staff at The Discourse for being such an essential voice in the movement to innovate, expand, and build new models and new communities through their work.

Learn more about the incredible journalism organizations and startups that committed themselves to this list and to this movement by clicking below.


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Ryan McMahon // Chief Creative Producer